MLK and Moral Injury

As my research did not dive too deeply into the theological waters, I don’t know if Dr. King ever actually used the phrase moral injury. I have heard of his doctrine of righteous anger and righteous love. I’ll be listening to this segment and comment further. For now, here’s the segment description which can be listened to here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often taught and spoke of righteousness — an outrage about, and response to, deep moral injury. In the depth of those teachings, he embraced righteous anger while exhorting righteous love . As we struggle though arguably one of the most divided times in our nation, Wellesley College assistant professor Kellie Carter Jackson and Harvard University assistant professor Brandon Terry explore the righteousness Dr. King taught and practiced and ask what it means for our moment.

It can be listened to here (the start button is to the left of the headline/title).

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