Moral Injury – Long Term Caregivers in Canada

I think this quote sums up much of what COVID has done to those suffering from all sorts of diseases, whether physical or mental distress.

“I felt really isolated in my experiences just because I was a younger person. I didn’t really know any other people who had gone through what I had gone through,” she said. “I didn’t have peer support throughout the experience, and being isolated because of COVID was even harder.”

I’ve had my own (non-Covid) related health issues this year and the inability to have friends or family available in person to talk and help has been difficult on both me and my wife (who has had to care for me post neurosurgery). Texting, email, and even video is no substitute for the in person care these healthcare workers provide.

I’m a bit chagrined that moral injury, to an extent, has been “hijacked” by healthcare workers lo these many months… for the suffering in silence of veterans, sexual assault victims, and others has only increased. No hanging out at the VFW or Legion to talk with other vets, Zoom calls for therapists, etc. Not to mention the dearth of coverage in the press.

However, I am happy to see “moral injury” entering the lexicon of this zeitgeist in whatever form.

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