War & Moral Injury

War is gun violence and mass killing for which we train with care and precision. Military training is training to ignore and overcome the profound human repulsion against killing, deadening the conscience so that acts the individual would never do on his or her own are done in response to nationalistic ideology and group-think.


Yes, at least in the Western world with our Judaic-Christian culture. WWI killed millions as did WWII and that is not even counting the number of smaller scale wars that go on continuously (at least 60 currently).

This letter to the editor makes a very good point–and something I harp on continuously, namely:

One result can be post-traumatic stress disorder. But even more deadly, in my view, is moral injury — from which recovery is something between difficult and impossible.

Living with moral injury requires psycho-spiritual strength, not 10 sessions of cognitive behavior therapy. Additionally, it takes a willingness to look inside oneself unflinching and fess up to oneself. There is no easy road back, but there is a road.

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