Back, With News

If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been updates for the last year, it’s because in April 2021 I found out that I have ALS. Veterans have a 2x chance, regardless of deployment history, of developing this condition over the non-military population. Hence, it’s been a year of doctors, degradation, and yes, moral injury. It’s hard to put into words.

The military will tell you that they have no idea why, yet the VA awards a 100 percent presumptively service connected rating. In other words, if you’re a veteran and develop ALS, they automatically treat as service connected, no questions asked. If one was the paranoid type one might assume that a cynical DOD has calculated that the cost required to pay ongoing disability and care is less expensive than eliminating the underlying problem. After all, the average life expectancy of ALS patient is 2-5 years from symptom onset. As it typically takes a year from symptom onset to confirm a case that leaves VA on the hook for only 1-4 years. Although, to be fair, the VA takes better care and isn’t as financially ruinous as a diagnosis would be for a non veteran on medicaid/social security.

Regardless, that’s why the hiatus. I now have an eye scanning computer that allows me to type, etcetera so I will be starting to at least blog again. Bear with me if updates aren’t as frequent. Every day brings new doctors, therapists, and challenges.

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